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Business Project Managers define and organize a variety of processes that are essential to ensure the high quality of our product. They are responsible for ensuring we have the finest and most cost-effective suppliers, they manage hardware manufacturers, possess strong logistics knowledge, and coordinate a variety of stakeholders. Their main focus is adding value to our product through operations management.


In order to progress in our development path and Level Up or Step Up, our Business Project Managers team must:

  • Meet the criteria of the Level & Step Chart for the Management Path
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the Project Management Realm

Salary Grid

All mentioned salary ranges represent the monthly income in Bulgarian Lev after taxes and deductions.

Project Management Step
1 2 3 4
Level 1 2.849 3.149 3.949 4.849
2 5.020 5.320 6.120 7.020
3 7.208 7.508 8.308 9.208
4 10.125 10.425 11.225 12.125


PM Realm.png