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The core of our Product Marketing team is to define efficient marketing strategies based on specs and to define the experience that these strategies will provide to customers and partners. This means that the skill set required for succeeding in this framework it's extensive and complex because it involves technical and business layers.

They are responsible for developing our product position and definition, identifying differentiators, and defining a unique selling proposition. Their work involves data analysis, content distribution, client satisfaction, and cost reduction so their strategic focus is to ensure that Secure Group provides customer-tailored mobile solutions focused on privacy and security to individuals, businesses, and organizations.


In order to progress in our development path and Level Up or Step Up, our Product Marketing Managers must:

Salary Grid

All mentioned salary ranges represent the monthly income in Bulgarian Lev after taxes and deductions.

Product Marketing Manager Step
Management Path 1 2 3 4
1 3.847 4.147 4.947 5.847
2 5.950 6.250 7.050 7.950
3 9.577 9.877 10.677 11.577
4 13.136 13.436 14.236 15.136

KAI of the framework

Extensive Knowledge