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Partner Success managers establish and grow business and technical relationships with our customers. They are responsible for managing the interactions with these accounts on a daily basis guaranteeing their satisfaction. The career path growth in this framework includes leading Secure Group to focus its partner-related efforts on work that will have the biggest positive impact for partners. Under the scope of this position, such managers are also required to provide excellent business knowledge to balance customer needs and priorities, look for opportunities for efficiency, automate repetitive work, and design scalable workflows for the teams.


In order to progress in our development path and Level Up or Step Up, our Partner Success Managers must:

  • Meet the criteria of the Level & Step Chart for Management Path
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the Customer Service Realm and in the KAI of the framework

Salary Grid

All mentioned salary ranges represent the monthly income in Bulgarian Lev after taxes and deductions.

Partner Success Management Step
1 2 3 4
Level 1 2.200 2.500 3.300 4.200
2 5.630 5.930 6.730 7.630
3 8.606 8.906 9.706 10.606
4 11.130 11.430 12.230 13.130


Customer Service Realm.png

KAI of the framework

Type Knowledge Description
Programming languages CSS
Software/Tools/Platforms - Configuration Apache Tomcat
Docker Engine/Container
Microsoft Azure
Samsung Knox
Software/Tools/Platforms - Usage Atlassian Confluence
Atlassian Jira
Hubspot Sales Pro
Ignite Realtime Openfire
Inline Manual
MS Exchange
Paessler PRTG
Small Improvements
Unwired Labs
Languages (idioms) Advanced Business English