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We are Secure Group and we are leading the fight for a secure Mobile World!

We view ourselves like the builders of tomorrow’s digital world, which will guarantee the absolute integrity of all technology – both hardware and software, unexploitable by third parties. That’s what inspires and motivates us to do more each day, to constantly set the bar higher, to develop ourselves and reshape the world as we know it!
This Wiki will present a transparent overview of every aspect of our business defined in Secure Group Management Model. We have specially developed an internal management model that challenges employees to do more each day, puts the corporate pressure off their back, and places creative power in the hands of employees.

Here you will be able to understand more about our Company and how we do things. Our Management Model contemplates:

- Our Mission and Vision and how we ensure a great product;

- How we guarantee to be surrounded by high-performers that are craving for innovation;

- Our Development Path helps everyone estimate where they fit within the company and what’s needed to get to the next step. This innovative business practice also helps potential employees orient on the remuneration they can expect and the requirements we have;

- How we ensure an Engineering Culture focused on Agility.

Take your time to get to know us in this space dedicated exclusively to present our unique way of working.

How we build processes and a great product 25px

How we ensure people’s growth 25px