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The Level A path is destined for employees who are still not ready in terms of skills and knowledge to be part of the Management Model. We provide them coaching and the opportunity to learn and grow so in one year they can be part of the Individual Contributor's Path,

In order to do that, you must:

  • Meet the criteria of all your assigned tasks and have a general knowledge for your chosen Individual Contributors' path
  • Score at least 3 in the KAI of the desired framework you will pursue.

Level A Growth Plan

Strategy Involvement (Balanced ScoreCard) Applies Secure Group policies and internal procedures to resolve issues on a daily basis.
In Practice: the employee is informed and follows our Internal Rules and policies. The employee knows there's a Strategic Map for the company and by department.
Job Complexity (defined in the RACI) Works on limited scope issues.
The employee is informed about our documentation process and knows how to find information when needed.
Follows the standard practices, procedures, and processes defined in the RACI.
Knowledge (application of the KAI) Understands how to use professional concepts.
Your focus is on learning with guidance from others.
In Practice: the KAI will be most likely filled with grades of proficiency of 2 and 3 and may have some items graded with 4.
Knowledge Sharing You attend tech-sessions that were assigned to you
Teamwork You respond to requests.
You accept change.
You accept different views.
Supervision Normally receives detailed instructions on different tasks.
Ownership No ownership, Level A (Apprentice) receives instructions on almost all tasks.
Initiative None initiative expected, does work as instructed.

Of course, to be able to scale in the chosen Individual Contributors' path, you should show passion and interest for the job.


Not all frameworks include a Level A Path and the salaries vary according to the market source for the relevant role. Currently, we provide a Level A Path for the following frameworks:

Level A Framework Salary NET Leva
Android Development 2.200