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Your Career Journey at Secure Group

Secure Group focuses not only on mobile security, but also on the transparency of its communication and work practices. This Secure Group Wiki aims to answer any and all questions related to working at our company.
Careers at Secure Group details every aspect of the requirements for career growth and progression. The “Individual Contributors” and “Managers” paths define the two essential types of work at Secure Group, whereas the Steps, Levels, and Frameworks emphasize the abilities and expectations for progress. Finally, the actual process is detailed throughout sections Performance Evaluation and Feedback.
Section “Life at Secure Group” emphasizes on the essential company policies and practices that govern life at Secure Group. Our Culture Code defines our values, the Knowledge Accountability Index is the instrument to view everyone’s ability, regardless of position and occupation. The Responsibility Assignment Matrix is our tool for task distribution, communication, and work optimization. We have made all aspects of the matrix available.
You can find (almost) everything else you might wonder about at the Glossary, as well as at our blog, where we will bring you the latest news and available positions.

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