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Our Culture Code is defined as the values that involve the routine of our company and acts as a guideline to lead the behavior and mindset of all employees at all levels. That means that the values will be the core for all their practices, habits, behaviors, symbols, values, principles, beliefs, ceremonies and policies.

Culture and leadership go hand in hand. Therefore, it is important that the most influential people in the organization constantly align what is well accepted and should be practiced, so if you're planning to become a Manager in Secure Group, be prepared to be an Ambassador of our Culture.

Fairness and Transparency is the guideline to structure all of our initiatives and processes, and besides that, these are the values that we believe are essential to the success of our company and that we expect all employees to adhere to them:

Culture Code
Value Description What we believe What is expected
Responsibility Takes responsibility for actions, products, and decisions within the scope of his/her position, and carries out work plans. Our aim is to create a thriving community of responsible professionals that will be given the freedom to take ownership and accountability of projects and processes and implement their personal approaches to drive tangible results for the organization.
Responsibility to deliver superior value to customers, employees, shareholders, and partners
Follows process, methodology, and policies with security in mind to protect the integrity of our system and the personal information of partners and clients
Delivers quality work on time
Prioritizes well and works according to plan
Devotion to learn Has a passion for his/her craft and constantly strives for self-improvement. Knowledge is a driving value for us and thus we're searching for information-hunters who're constantly looking to develop themselves and set the bar higher with each day.
Lifelong learner for whom improvement is part of his/her mission
Actively and independently seeks knowledge to solve any issue in his/her domain
Willing to reinvent his/her approach when necessary
Remarkability Does everything using his/her unparalleled skillset in his/her specific field. A core mission for us as an employer is to facilitate an environment that puts talent under the spotlight and inspires self-improvement. This is why we seek to attract field-experts and give them the freedom to implement growth-hack approaches and to enrich others within the company.
Has at least one “superpower” – a skill or know-how for which he/she is unrivaled
Produces remarkable work output
Respect Comes to work with a selfless and respectful mindset. Our employees are open-minded individuals, driven by the desire to help the vision for a data-secured digital world of Secure Group to reach and engage more people.
Is open, respectful and honest in every interaction in all levels
Approaches individual and team tasks with humility
Willing to change his/her opinion/position for the greater good
Does not allow his/her views and ideas to dominate
Does not disseminate opinions that violate the company's reputation or the work of his/her colleagues
Collaboration Employees must share knowledge to make our sum greater than its parts. We're looking for true team members that are eager to join and contribute to a larger cause and understand that goals could only be achieved collaboratively.
Shares knowledge
Assists others when necessary
Communicates effectively and timely with peers
Exhibits openness to feedback
Adaptiveness In the dynamic world of technology and communications, professionals need to be flexible. As a product company and worldwide industry leader, we're an active part of the innovation race. That's why are looking for masters of flexibility that can adapt well to market changes and are battle-hardened sailors in the sea of uncertainty and instability.
Constantly grows his/her skill set to cope with unforeseen changes
Responds efficiently to changes in the work environment
Copes well with uncertainty and instability
Innovation Employee must bring new ideas and concepts to the products and processes; must seek to improve constantly Here we give everyone the creative freedom they need to break out of the box, get inspired, and come up with wildly innovative solutions.
He/she is a creative and critical thinker
Proactive, comes up with proposals
Promotes and implements new ideas by setting up the right procedures and process